to   Channel   Islands   Lodge   No.   214   Free   and   Accepted   Masons   of   California.   Masonry   is   the   world's   first   and   largest   fraternal organization,   and   is   based   on   the   belief   that   each   man   has   a   responsibility   to   help   make   the   world   a   better   place.   Through   our culture of philanthropy, we make a profound difference for our brothers, our families, our communities, and our future. Channel   Islands   Lodge   No.   214,   located   in   Downtown   Ventura,   California,   is   a   very   active   Lodge.   In   addition   to   our   normal Fraternal   activities,   we   participate   in   such   activities   as   the   Ventura   St.   Patrick’s   Day   Parade,   serving   at   the   Ventura   County Rescue Mission, Build A Bed at the Animal Shelter and supporting the local Raising A Reader Program. Channel Islands Lodge No. 214 meets the first Thursday of every month with a dinner starting at 6:30 P.M. (Reservations Required) and the meeting starting at 7:30 P.M. and we would like to invite all brethren visiting the Ventura, California area to attend.
If    you    would    like    more    information    on Freemasonry,   please   visit   the   Grand   Lodge of California Web Site About the Fraternity If   you   would   like   information   on   how   to become   a   Mason,   please   visit   the   Grand Lodge of California Web Site Applying for membership
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Channel Islands Lodge No. 214 482 E. Santa Clara St.,  Ventura, California
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Calendar of Lodge Events

Stated Meeting and Roll Call Dinner Reservation

Dinner is $15 Reservations are required and must be paid for if you attend the dinner or not. Please submit your reservation using the form below.
February 2nd Stated Dinner Menu Caesar Salad, Chicken Cordon Blue, Broccoli with Cheese, Lightly Seasoned Rice, Hawaiian Sweet Bread, Strawberry Pound Cake
Reservations must be made by Noon on the Wednesday before the Meeting. To cancel or change your Reservation Please contact the SeniorWarden by Noon on the Wednesday before the Meeting.
Want to pay for your dinners on online? Click on the Add to Cart Button below.
February 23rd Roll Call Dinner Menu Bar-B-Que chicken, Tri-tip, Mash Potatoes, Salad and Dessert catered from the Stone Fire Grill.  
Upcoming Degree Work January 26th -  First Degree February 9th -  Officer Practice and Meeting February 15 -   OSI @ Oxnard February 16 -   Practice TBD  
Upcoming Events
A     popular     tradition     at     Channel     Islands     Lodge     is     a dinner/reception   honoring   our   sweethearts.   Historically   the day   was   known   as   Widows   Recognition   Day   and   was   held   on Valentines    Day.    Today,    the    dinner    is            held    before    the February   Stated   Meeting   and   includes   all   our   sweethearts: widows,   wives,   significant   others,   partners,   etc.   It   is   always   a very nice get together with strong attendance. Two   years   ago   24   sweethearts   attended   while   last   year   more than    20    sweethearts    enjoyed    the    evening.    So,    invite    your wives   and   sweethearts   to   come   to   dinner   on   February   2nd for   a   great   meal   and   recognition   as   an   important   part   of   our Masonic   Family.   The   cost   is   $15   per   person   with,   as   always, reservations   required.   Masonic   widows   are,   of   course,   our guests.   The   menu,   chicken   cordon   bleu,   was   such   a   hit   last year we are doing it again this year.  If   you   know   of   any   Masonic   widow   who   would   like   to   attend and   needs   transportation,   let   the   Sr.   Warden,   Ryan   Phillips, know. He will arrange transportation.
For   many   years,   San   Buenaventura   Lodge   has   held   an   Annual Roll   Call   to   reconnect   with   Master   Masons   who   may   not   have attended   recently;   then   somewhere   in   history   the   Annual   Roll Call   stopped.   In   1968,   Worshipful   Master   Harry   Maynard   (1983 Most    Worshipful    Grand    Master    of    Masons    of    California    and Hawaii)   reinstated   the Annual   Roll   Call   as   an   honor   to   all   Master Masons. At   the   Annual   Roll   Call,   we   reconnect   with   members   and   see people   we   have   not   seen   in   while   and   maybe   did   not   know   are Masons.   It   is   a   fun   time   with   lots   of   stories,   talk   and   fellowship.   In the   past,   the   Annual   Roll   Call   has   been   for   Master   Masons   only. This   year,   the   Lodge   will   open   on   the   First   Degree,   so   all   Masons can   attend,   but   answering   of   the   roll   is   an   honor   reserved   for Master   Masons   only,   beginning   with   the   longest   Master   Mason and   ending   with   the   newest   Master   Mason.   You   will   be   surprised how   many   members   have   been   Master   Masons   for   50   years,   there are always a couple of 60s  and, occasionally, 70 years. Annual   Roll   Call   is   always   preceded   with   a   banquet   where   we enjoy   good   food   and   good   conversation.   Charge   is   $15   per   person and   reservations   are   required.   I   encourage   everyone   to   attend and     participate     with     your     brethren     in     this     significant     of ceremony.   If   you   know   of   a   Master   Mason   who   would   like   to attend   but   needs   transportation,   let   Ryan   Phillips,   the   Sr. Warden know and transportation will be arranged.


Below are pictures of some of the activities the members of Channel Islands Lodge participate in. Click on the picture to enlarge it.

Our Newest EAs

Our Newest FCs

2016 Lodge BBQ

Cook Crew

Preparing the Bread

Football with Wor. Dave

A Meeting of the Minds

Everyone Enjoyed the Meal

Good Times

Our Newest Master Mason

2017 Installation of Officers

Wor. Blodgett and Christine

2017 Trestleboards



Our Lodge Today
2017 Lodge Officers
Vision 2020 Channel   Islands   Lodge   No.   214   will   be   an   active,   numerically   growing Lodge    where    members    find    a    safe    refuge    with    brothers    and    friends whom   they   trust,   engaged   closely   with   our   community,   with   a   strong financial base, and where the members want to spend their time.
Master Gary Adkinson
Senior Warden Ryan Phillips
Junior Warden Jerry Callaway PM
In   1870   it   took   a   long   time   to   go   along   the   coast   of   California   from   the   mission   town   of   San Buenaventura,   to   the   other   mission   town   of   Santa   Barbara.   The   best   way   to   travel   then   was   by   horse and   buggy   but   the   road   was   a   rough   and   rugged   one.   When   the   causeway   was   later   built   along   the Rincon   highway,   travelers   could   pass   only   at   low   tide.   Journeys   had   to   be   timed   according   to   the   tide, and it took at least six hours to make the trip one way. We   can   almost   hear   the   conversation   on   that   long   road,   coming   home   from   the   Lodge   at   Santa   Barbara Saturday   night   on   the   full   moon,   when   Lemuel   C.   McKeeby   said   to   Brice   Grimes   and   Henry   Spear: "Why   don't   we   have   a   Masonic   Lodge   in   San   Buenaventura?" They   heartily   agreed,   and   the   rest   of   the ride   really   seemed   short   because   of   the   plans   they   were   formulating.   This   was,   perhaps,   the   very   first thing   which   occurred   in   the   history   of   San   Buenaventura   Lodge,   No.   214,   Free   and Accepted   Masons of the State of California. Click here for the rest of our Lodge’s History
Interested    in    helping    write    the    History    of    the    consolidated Lodges for the 150th Anniversary of Channel Islands Lodge? We   need   your   help,   even   if   you   only   have   a   small   piece   of   the history of one of the Lodges. Please contact Worshipful Bill Kavanaugh.
Channel Islands Lodge No. 214 History
Pay your Dues or Make Contribution to the Masonic Homes Please select the Dues Year you would like to pay. Be sure to enter the Name of the Member whose Dues you are paying. Please help support the Masonic Homes of California by making a Contribution.
Masonic Homes
Lodge Dues

Contact Us

Have additional questions on becoming a Mason or on Masonry in general?  Feel free to contact us using the information in the box to the right.  From there you can email the secretary of the Lodge and he will be more than happy to point you in the right direction. If you have questions about the use of the Masonic Center in downtown Ventura, CA, please contact our Building Manager by email at HallManager@channelislandslodge214.org or call 805-320-0330. Thank you and have a wonderful day!

Channel Islands Lodge 214

482 E. Santa Clara St. Ventura, CA 93001 USA Lodge Phone: 805-641-0214 Email: The Lodge Secretary
If you have a comment or suggestion concerning our Web Site please contact us by email at: 214.web.and.trestleboard@gmail.com
 San Buenaventura Masonic Center 482 E. Santa Clara St., Ventura, California
Contact Us At Building Manager Phone 805 320-0330 Email HallManager@channelislandslodge214.org
Need a place to hold a meeting or dinner? Our Dining Hall holds up 192 people for Dining.  More without tables.
Need a smaller place to hold a meeting? Our Library can seat up to 75 people.
Interested in more information about our facilities?
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Masonic Family Happenings Ventura, California
Members    of    several    Masonic    Lodges    and    Youth    Order    Groups gathered   to   decorate   several   Christmas   Trees   at   the   Casa   Pacifica Center   for   Children   and   Families   on   December   11th.   An   enjoyable time was had by all.
Ventura Masonic Family Calendar
San Buenaventura Assembly No. 107 International Order of the Rainbow for Girls Ventura, California
Our Installation of Officers
Our New and Old Rainbow Dad
Click to enlarge the photo
San Buenaventura Assembly No. 107 meets at 7:00 P.M. on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month at the San Buenaventura Masonic Center, 482 E. Santa Clara St., Ventura, CA
Our Pledge Girls made cookies and delivered them the the Veterans Home in Ventura
Bethel No. 89 Job’s Daughters International Ventura, California
Bethel No. 89 Meets 7:00 P.M. on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of each Month at the San Buenaventura Masonic Center located at 482 E. Santa Clara Street, Ventura, CA 93001.
We   joined   the   Masons   of   Channel   Islands   Lodge   No.   214   and   marched   in   the   City   of   Ventura’s Saint Patrick’s Day Parade.
Saint Patrick’s Day Parade
Spaghetti Dinner
Getting ready for our 1st Annual Spaghetti Dinner
We are an active growing Bethel with girls that like to learn new things and have fun. Below are some of the activities we have enjoyed this year. Please click on the photos below to enlarge them
Lazer Tag after our Installation
Shadow Night with the Masons
Conejo Valley and Santa Barbara Chapters DeMolay International Thousand Oaks and Santa Barbara, California
Conejo Valley Chapter meets on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays at the Conejo Valley Masonic Center, 2786 Crescent Way, Thousand Oaks, CA 91362
Santa Barbara Chapter meets on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays at the Santa Barbara Masonic Center, 16 E Carrillo St, Santa Barbara, CA 93101
Santa Barbara DeMolay joined the Masons of Channel Islands Lodge No. 214 to march in the Annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade.
Conejo Valley DeMolay spent an afternoon at the Ultra Zone Laser Tag
Outdoor Degrees in Bakersfield
Please Join Us for the Combined Installation of Officers for Conejo Valley and Santa Barbara Chapters Sunday January 22nd, 2017 at 1 P.M. San Buenaventura Masonic Center 480 E. Santa Clara St. Ventura, California
Channel Islands Chapter No. 78 Order of the Eastern Star Ventura, California
Channel Islands Chapter No. 78 meets at 7:30 P.M. on the 2nd and 4th Friday of the month at the San Buenaventura Masonic Center, 482 E. Santa Clara St., Ventura, CA
Contact us at: infoci78oes@gmail.com
Our 2016 Officers
Ventura York Rite Ventura, California
Ventura Royal Arch Chapter No. 50 First Monday of the month at 7:00 PM Dark July and August
Ventura Council No. 15 Third Monday of odd months at 7:00 PM
Ventura Commandery No. 18 Third Monday of even months at 7:00 PM